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My name is Stan Lake and I'm addicted to Adventure!  I've spent my entire adult life so far exploring wild places all over the world.  From the hostile deserts of Iraq to the steamy jungles of Costa Rica and back home to North Carolina.  I've consitently found myself muddy and knee deep in excitement living a life of adventure. 


 Follow along with my team and I as we explore the world in search for amazing wildlife and exciting adventures.  Watch as we travel from steamy swamps to mountain tops in search of some amazing wildlife and awe inspiring adventure.


Sharing Passion.

My hope is that our passion is infectious and you will learn about the world around you.  Conservation starts with removing the irrational fears of animals and true stewardship of the environment comes when we can see the inherent value that surrounds us. I have had the fortune to speak to crowds from 30 to 3000 about animals, the environment, faith and other topics.  I can't help myself, if I'm passionate about something I want you to be as well.

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