Have You Been Redeemed Like A Shelter Pet?

Have You Been Redeemed Like A Shelter Pet?

Several years ago I visited a local animal shelter with the intention of finding a dog to take home with me.  I had a very specific dog in mind and scoured the Internet to see if any were available on the shelter’s website.  I found the breed I was looking for and decided to go check it out.  When I got to the shelter the dog I came to see was as disinterested in me as an animal could be.  It wasn’t really the dog I had in mind either, and I was looking for something quite specific.  My intention was to find a boxer that was full blooded and that had a white coat.  After I put the disinterested mix-breed dog back into its kennel a friend of mine came around the corner with the perfect dog.  I immediately fell in love with him and have him to this day.  He was the most energetic and loving white boxer I had ever seen and we hit it off immediately.    This animal knew that he had been bought with a price and paid me back in his love and loyalty to me.

Did you know that Jesus Christ bought you with a price?  Isaiah 44:22 says I have swept away your offenses like a cloud, your sins like the morning mist. Return to me, for I have redeemed you.  I don’t know what caused my furry friend to end up in the shelter, but had I not intervened and redeemed him, his future would have certainly ended in his untimely demise.  The same is true for us as followers of Jesus Christ.  Had Jesus not stepped into history and intervened on our behalf redeeming us from our sins, we would most certainly die in our sins.  Jesus purchases us with a price, redeems us and we are required to pay him back with our loyalty, devotion, love and obedience.  Just like with my dog, this isn’t a hard thing when you know your master loves you and chose you specifically.  Have you been redeemed like a shelter pet?

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Is Your Life A Mess?

Did you know that outside of Jesus your life is a mess?  The good news is that Jesus died to save us from sin and death.  How cool is that?  This illustration with my dog shows that grace, which really means unmerited favor, is something we didn’t earn by being good but something Jesus gives us freely as we accept him! SUBSCRIBE!


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