Where Should We Film Next?

Where Should We Film Next?

Since we make all of these videos for YOU, where should we film this year?  What kinds of animals would you like to see highlighted?  What Biblical points would you like light shed upon?  Do you want to see more music videos from the team?  I love making these videos and posting them every week but would love to make them more enjoyable for you.  Leave a comment below with your suggestion if you have any ideas.



Catching Creation @ Calvary Chapel Of Fort Lauderdale

On Feb 8/9 I got the opportunity to speak 5 times to a combined 2500-3000 children at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale about Jesus and his awesome creation.  Have YOU been made into a new creation?  If this program looks like something your church could benefit from please shoot me an email at Info@catchingcreation.com .  I'd love to travel to where you are and present the Gospel with my animal friends!

Slimy Salamanders A Sticky Situation

Have you ever been in a sticky situation?  Often prayer is the only way out of your situation.  Check out this video clip from the Catching Creation Volume 3 DVD about Slimy Salamanders