Salamanders Of South Carolina

In this Catching Creation episode we travel to the highlands of northern South Carolina in search of Salamanders. This episode is featured on the Catching Creation Volume 3 DVD

"suit of lights" by Yosemite Mudflap
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Stephen LaVine

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Merry Christmas From Catching Creation

Merry Christmas from Catching Creation!  Thank you to everyone that has subscribed to the youtube channel, watched a video, read a blog post, liked a facebook status and etc.  You guys rock!  Lets remember the real reason for the season as we celebrate Christmas!  Jesus gives us the only gift that truly lasts, our salvation!

Reptiles, Amphibians, Children and Chicken Nuggets...Oh My!

Recently I had the pleasure (no pun intended) of doing an animal presentation at a local Chick Fil A restaurant. I decided that since this would be strictly an animal show and tell I would bring several more animals than I normally do for my Gospel presentations. I brought around 5 distinctly different corn snake morphs, a fire bellied toad, cane toad, tortoises, newt, whites tree frog, leopard gecko, and many more! My tortoises did what they normally do when I take them to presentations and that is they defecated inside of their travel enclosure and made quite the mess. So I found myself washing out a container and a couple of tortoises in the Chick Fil A bathroom right before the family night presentation started. Do you know anyone else that has washed a tropical tortoise in a fast food restaurant sink? Didn't think so. The show went very well and I got to answer questions and let kids see and pet all sorts of reptiles and amphibians and I made it very clear that they could not leave my area of the restaurant before they used hand sanitizer. I didn't want their spicy chicken sandwiches to have the dreaded salmonella spice too.