Catching Creation Adventure Playlist

Catching Creation Adventure Playlist

I have decided to make a playlist on YouTube to make it easier to find our adventure episodes since I post a variety of clips and teachings on the site.  This is around 20 videos and approximately 5 hours of creepy crawly good stuff!  Check it out!



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Bats In The Church!

While In Upala, Costa Rica a misguided bat decided to forage for insects in the dim lights of our movie projector, at the end of the movie he was scrambling on the tile floor and we were able to rescue and release him outside. 

More Costa Rica Clips

As I edit my Volume 3 DVD over the next week or so be prepared to start seeing more from my Costa Rica trip back in August.  This DVD is shaping up quite nicely so far and I've barely scratched the surface!

Feeding American Crocodiles in Costa Rica quick clip:


Finding my First Central American Caecilian:




Butterfly Metamorphosis In Costa Rica

While in Costa Rica at the Peace Waterfalls we decided to visit a butterfly enclosure and talk about being made into a new creation 2 Corinthians 5:17


Music Used with Permission "Travel Light And Worry Free" by The Eager Seas ©2013 The Eager Seas

Costa Rican Coati

While in Costa Rica at the Peace Waterfalls we saw this very cute little (or not so little) nectar thief.  He is a White-nosed Coati, Nasua narica, and they are a close relative to a raccoon.  In this quick clip we discuss how he is a thief and how we should be prepared always.  This will most likely make it to the blooper reel because well I got scared haha mammals are a bit more unpredictable than reptiles so I bolted when he decided he was done eating.

The Heartbeat Of Costa Rican Missions

This is a highlight from Peace Haven Baptist Church's Costa Rican Mission's trip August 6-13, 2013

The primary footage was shot on a Canon XF100 and various B-roll shots were filmed with Gopro Hero3 and Iphone 5 Music: "Intro" by The Ember Days ©2009 The Ember Days

Chance Is Going To Be A Missionary!!

One of my good friends and member of the Catching Creation team is going to Costa Rica as a missionary as a result of God putting a burden on his heart during our most recent missions trip. Please consider supporting Chance Feimster and his efforts down in Costa Rica and pray with us as we believe for new souls added to the Kingdom of God! 

You can support him here:


Testimony in Upala, Costa Rica

I got to preach and do a short presentation with my testimony in Upala, Costa Rica.  I talked about the transformation that takes place when Christ makes us into a new creation like 2 Corinthians 5:17 says.  In my Catching Creation style I also used a couple local toads to illustrate the point.  God is so good!  This was my first time preaching to a full congregation with an interpretor AND I got to do a Catching Creation presentation on top of it all.  Again, God is so good!  -- Side note -- the guy in the cape in the background is actually the pastor of the church, they were getting ready to act out a dramatic skit for us, I realize now how weird that must look if you didn't know that already...


Costa Rican Giant Roach

We found this HUGE Costa Rican Giant Roach in Atenas, Costa Rica during our missions trip.  Check out this video and see how this roach relates to Ephesians 5. 

Smoky Jungle Frog in Costa Rica

While uploading the mountain of footage from Costa Rica I saw this footage of a smoky jungle frog we caught doing his release call.  I also decided to do another bad Arnold impression of yet another big frog doing push ups haha.  Do you see a theme?

This guy was found on a rainy night in Punta Leona Costa Rica on the Pacific Side.