Fenix HP30R Headlamp Review

Fenix HP30R Headlamp Review

Having recently been given an opportunity to become a brand ambassador for Fenix Lighting I took great pleasure in testing and reviewing their new HP30R headlamp.  Fenix has the tagline “illuminate your adventure” and that’s exactly what this light will do for you!  Being used to my trusty Fenix HP25 for the last 3 years I was reluctant to change but this is a worthy upgrade and you’ll thank yourself once you purchase yours.

I recently tested the Fenix HP30R on one of my Catching Creation filming adventures and from the moment I pushed the buttons to illuminate this intensely bright 1750 lumen (max combined output) headlamp I was impressed.  The Fenix HP30R uses Cree XM-L2 and XP-G2 R5 LED’s which give you a really even white light that will quickly make you the envy of your friends on nocturnal adventures with the floodlight topping out at 750 lumens and spotlight at a whopping 1000 lumens.

This light does get quite warm and actually has a built-in feature that once the light reaches a temperature that is approx. 149 degrees Fahrenheit (65*C) it will downshift the light output and then as it cools it will slowly return to the previous output.  If you’re like me and you want to run this thing at full blast with the spotlight and flood light both at their max lumen output then you will run into this issue.  Both the flood and spot light in their own right are most likely brighter than anything you’re currently using and when used together they give you a good mix of bright flood with a focused spotlight.  It took close to two hours for my light to overheat and start downshifting its output so in the grand scheme of things that is not a bad tradeoff. 

I’ve never used a headlamp that had to be belt mounted and I was a bit apprehensive as to whether or not I would like this configuration. Once I got the battery pack settled in a comfortable spot I immediately forgot I had a wire running down my back to a power source on my belt.  I will advise, however, that if you’re wearing a backpack to consider your placement because the only minor downside is that if you are a taller person sometimes you can accidentally unplug the light from its base if you bend over as I did a few times in the woods.  This minor inconvenience is far outweighed by the stellar performance of this light.

The coolest part about the battery pack, with its rechargeable Li-On 18650 batteries, is that you can not only push a button to check the battery level with an indicator light but you can also charge your devices with the built-in USB and Micro USB ports.  I do a lot of filming with GoPro cameras and Smart phones as secondary cameras in the field and having a portable charger that doubles as a remarkable light is truly a great addition to any adventure.

While filming in the humid deciduous forests of South Carolina, where I recently used this light, it dwarfed the lights of those with me, illuminated my entire field of view, and lasted the length of my adventure deep into the early morning.  The HP30R is a game changer for anyone that spends a lot of time outdoors after dark.  When you’re in habitat riddled with vipers, rock outcrops, and uneven terrain this light will become your best friend.  It takes the mystery out of where you’re putting your feet and truly turns night into day.  If you’re looking for the last headlamp you’ll ever need to buy then look no further than the Fenix HP30R.

Leaping Lizards in the NC Sandhills

Leaping Lizards in the North Carolina Sandhills

Come Join the Adventure as Stan and the Catching Creation team re-visit the North Carolina Sandhills and film several species of lizard, snake, and some frog species.  Have you ever seen a legless lizard?  What about a spade foot toad?  Did you think we'd NOT film snakes while down here?  Of course we did!   We were able to incorporate drone footage and some stellar close ups of animals as we spend hours in the North Carolina Sandhills.  I hope you enjoy our most recent adventure and be sure to share!

Ain't no Copperhead

Ain't No Copperhead

If you've been following all the news lately on the Catching Creation Instagram and Facebook pages you will be excited to know that today is the day.  We are finally done recording "Ain't no Copperhead" hip hop song.  It's all about snake identification or rather the misidentification.  Every year I get countless tags on social media, texts and frantic messages about people finding copperheads.  Nine times out of ten the "copperhead" is one of two harmless snakes; the Dekay's brown snake or the juvenile black racer snake.  Both have patterns and in the dim twilight at a hazy wood line I guess I can understand the confusion. This misidentification happens frequently enough that as a team we decided to make this funny song about it.  I hope you enjoy it and please share it on all social media platforms!  What should we make a song about next?  Leave a comment and let us know!

This song was recorded and mixed by Stephen LaVine, filmed and edited by Stan Lake.   It was performed by Daniel Charles, Chance Feimster, Thomas LaVine, Stephen LaVine, and Stan Lake.  Special thanks to Barry McGee and Deric Cook for dancing their hearts out on a hot summer day for this video!

If you liked this song be sure to check out our other song "Slippy Slimy Salamander" and get your wiggle on as this catchy song lays eggs in your brain.

Thomas LaVine and  Stephen LaVine both have lots of amazing stuff going on with their music careers, please take a second and check out their new albums and go follow them on social media!

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Ain't no Copperhead
Ain't no Copperhead

Hammer Down Film

If you're interested in checking out my documentary called "Hammer Down" about my tour in Iraq and the men I served with you can now do so online for free!  We have made the film available over at our film website http://www.hammerdownfilm.com/watch/ so be sure to check it out.  It has been many years in the making and specifically the last year and a half of hard work to make this thing a reality. https://vimeo.com/162833061

Garter Snake In My Back Yard

Woo Hoo!  After working on my back yard habitat a bit and mowing tonight I found a beautiful garter snake!  Check out the video below.  Leave a comment on the video on youtube about all the cool things you're finding in your backyard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbDQRM_dieM

Bucky the Tegu Update Video

Hey guys, I know I know it's been a minute since I've posted, but don't fret there's going to be lots more coming soon along with updates and all sorts of goodies so hold on to your snake hooks cause it's gonna be gnarly!  I decided to make an update video to my video from a while back about my Tegu, Bucky, and basically just checking in and letting everyone know I'm still alive!  haha God is good and there are some cool things in the works that I can't wait to share with you. https://youtu.be/HPYfQWUoZQg

WBFJ Radio Interview with Rosie the Boa

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to go on our local Christian radio station, WBFJ and share some of my passions with the listeners.  I brought Rosie my red tailed boa constrictor into the studio for an illustration about the weight of sin as well as a conservation message about how awesome snakes were.  Here's the full interview: [embed]https://youtu.be/8bacqY39k0s[/embed]

I also decided to break it up into a few smaller clips so if you can't listen to the full 16:14 minute interview feel free to check out these shorter snippets from the program.








WBFJ Radio Interview

WBFJ Radio Interview


Recently I had the opportunity to be interviewed by our local Christian radio station, WBFJ, by Verne Hill about my ministry.  It was quite a bit of fun hanging out in the studio and sharing about my devotional book "Whispers In The Woods" along with other aspects of my ministry.  You can watch a snippet of the interview on my YouTube Channel and if you'd like to listen to the whole thing in it's entirety you can click HEREor the links below.


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Click HERE to buy "Whispers In The Woods"

Click HERE to buy "The Wonder Of It All"

Click HERE to buy "The Not So Ordinary Journey Of Todd The Toad"

Are You Obedient Like A Dog?

Are You Obedient Like A Dog?

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 12.16.05 PMIf you have ever spent time with a well-trained and good-natured dog you can understand the joy they bring to us in their obedience. The situation seems to be quite the opposite when you encounter a dog that is lacking in proper training. The same is true for human beings. When we make a profession of faith but lack obedience to Christ it creates an atmosphere similar to the wild dog. People tend to remember the crazy behavior and abrasive experience and it takes quite a while to repair the damage of disobedience.

2 John 1:6 says, “And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands. As you have heard from the beginning, his command is that you walk in love.” When we walk in obedience to Christ and follow His commands we are truly showing the love that He demands of us. When we truly understand the teachings of Jesus and are obedient to them, we can genuinely walk in truth with the love of Christ. Are you obedient like a dog?

If you liked this devotional be sure to pick up a copy of "Whispers In The Woods" to have a collection of 52 similar devotionals for your spiritual growth and encouragement.  Click HERE to order a copy!



Catching Creation Adventure Playlist

Catching Creation Adventure Playlist

I have decided to make a playlist on YouTube to make it easier to find our adventure episodes since I post a variety of clips and teachings on the site.  This is around 20 videos and approximately 5 hours of creepy crawly good stuff!  Check it out!



If you'd like any of these adventures on DVD make sure to visit www.CatchingCreation.com/store